Everyone knows how vital respiratory health is. That is why anyone with heart and lung problems, especially those who come to a point of being homebound, needs special attention and consistent caring by respiratory therapists. We provide the following:

  •     Active maintenance of an open airway during management of trauma, intensive care,
  •     Administration of anesthesia for surgery or conscious sedation
  •     Initiation and management of life support
  •     Monitoring high risk patients
  •     Administration of inhaled drugs and medical gases such as asthma medication, oxygen, and anesthetic gases
  •     Conducting tests to measure lung function
  •     Educating people how to manage asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder

Any lung of heart disease is totally uneasy to experience and is very threatening to one’s health and life. An affected person needs consistent monitoring and treatment. Home Town Health Care, LLC can provide you quality Respiratory Care. To send a request, please contact us.