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Are you recovering from surgery?

Home health care can help.

There are a lot of things to think about when preparing for major surgery. What are the risks? Will you be in pain? Have you thought about what help you’ll need to recover? Will you be able to stay at home while you heal? Although every surgical recovery is different, the goals of Home Town Health Care are to  include patient and family involvement.

Having Home Town Health Care services can help you recover more quickly, keep you safe at home, and just as importantly, help you avoid another hospital stay. And you can focus on getting back to the important things at home.

Hospice program earns deficiency-free survey

Hospice program earns deficiency-free survey

Congratulations to the team at Home Town Hospice for another deficiency-free survey! The Hospice program has been a perfect complement to the Home Health Program we provide for the residents of Eastern Kansas. We are deficiency free from the beginning in 2016 with our  Home Town Hospice . And continue to operate the entire Home Town Heath Care organization as a Medicare deficiency-free organization since our beginning in 2007.

We never should take for granted how much hard work and diligence goes into this result. Maintaining a deficiency-free rating is very important because this is a key measure of the quality of care we provide. People  deserve home health and hospice programs that deliver quality care with the highest level of caring  and  compassion in their own home.

 Check us out on Well done.

Thanks so much!   —Debbie 'Reed' Shinkle R.N., Owner

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