Does the Word Hospice Scare You?

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Over the next few weeks we re going to look at making hospice less scary.

Because of the services that hospice provides people are able to live to the fullest extent their condition allows. Just the knowledge that hospice “help” is a phone call away, (any time, day or night), provides a great sense of security.

One scary thought about hospice is time.

Whenever friends and family find out a person is on hospice their first reaction is, “I’m so sorry, my dear.”

Then they try to avoid you like the plague, as if death were “catching”. When they find out people have been on hospice for years… the doubting begins. They don’t believe you were ever on hospice — after all, people on hospice don’t live that long.

Then they get curious, asking questions about how a person could go without their medicine and exactly what kind of hospice would allow a person to live at home and not be bed ridden. Their perception of hospice is that it is a place you go to die when you are tired of fighting or there is no longer anything the doctors can do for you.

The reality is that Hospice is a service that improves the quality of the life you have. “IT DOES NOT HASTEN YOUR DEATH”.

And that is a very un-scary thing.